What is APBA Offshore Racing?

As one of the founders of the APBA Offshore Racing, LLC. with Michael Allweiss, and with my extensive Software and Internet experience, my position of the Board of Directors of the APBA Offshore Racing, LLC. focused on the use of video (goal still is streaming in real time over the Internet) was the best way to increase significant “Virtual Spectators”.

The use of the SPEED Channel was also core to our growth.

In addition to being a Member of the LLC, I was the Exec Producer (VP Television Marketing) and ending as the Chairman of the APBA Offshore Racing, LLC. for a week…

APBA Offshore Racing, LLC. transferred to KHAMAN, LLC. sold to Bob Bull 1-4-2004.

KHAMAN = Kraft, Hook, Allweise, Myklos, Allweise, Nemshof

I did this personal edit to demonstrate what we (APBA Offshore) needed to do to improve funding, by adding the Family aspect, and the passion of Offshore Powerboat Racing. The intention of my version was to give an example of what the world of APBA Offshore Racing was about. And to promote the sport to Corporate sponsorship, funding, and participation.

I brought in Richard Mann and his RMG1 Production Studio to improve the APBA Offshore Racing Television show. Richard Mann was with our BigKahuna Productions in Maui 92-96 a subsidiary of DiagSoft, Inc.